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Sen, The Japanese Princess

Do you want to travel in Japan one day to view the beautiful places like rivers, lakes, the cherry blossom trees every summer or perhaps eat good food? Most people want to travel to experience these things, but what you do not know is that there is a place in Kyoto that tourists like to visit apart from all [...]

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The Kyoto Kouyou Experience

The Kouyou Experience in KyotoOne of the best views in Japan is during the autumn season. The notable Kyoto leaves that fall in a bright red, orange, brown and yellow is such a charming display, locals call it the “Kouyou” season. In this particular season, people are amazed with such beauty of the leaves that changes colors depending on the [...]

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Mystery of Maiko

Where to find a MaikoLooking for a place where you can see a “Maiko?” Gion district is a very popular place to spot a Maiko which is in Kyoto, some call these places “Hanamachi”. You will definitely have a chance to see a Maiko everyday during early in the morning or sometimes late in the evening, that is if [...]

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Coffee in Kyoto Japan

Kyoto CoffeeWho does not like sipping a cup of traditional coffee during a stay-cation? Come and take a break for a while and visit coffee shops in Kyoto. If you are planning an Asian visit soon, Kyoto is one of the best places to come by especially when you are fond of coffee. We have gathered some information about the [...]

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Japanese Soba

Mouthwatering SobaEver heard of soba noodles? If you like Japanese noodles, soba is something worth the try. This food is healthy, thanks to its main ingredient buckwheat flour. Some sobas are made by mixing all other flours, aside from buckwheat. Japan is a country known to give high regards with their tradition and culture, since soba has a very long [...]

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The Kimono: A Japanese Tradition

Kimono and TraditionKimono or “wearing thing” in other words is Japan’s traditional dress. This garment came with a very rich history and has an original name “Kurumono” back then. This dress is worn every time there is a special occasion. Most people in Japan wear a kimono for their wedding day or any festival celebrations. Kimono is a symbol of [...]

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Japan’s Philosopher’s Path, The Tetsugaku-no-michi

Hoping to see a breathtaking view or perhaps trying to escape reality and relax? If you are travelling Asia, Japan’s Tetsugaku-no-michi is one of the best scenery you can witness. It is indeed a pleasant place, having reputable reviews from foreigners and local visitors. It is nicely located near Silver Pavilion or Ginkaku Temple in the northern part of Kyoto. [...]

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Gion Festival: One of Japan’s Most Important Festivals

If you plan to visit Japan and witness their breathtaking festivals, I highly recommend visiting the place during Gion Festival. This is Japan’s one of the best festivals that is being held annually from July 1 up to 31. People are enjoying in the essence of its festivity, especially during the famous “Yamaboko Junko” which is well known for the [...]

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The Katana

Are you soon traveling to Japan and looking forward to see a genuine Japanese sword called Katana? Kyoto is the right place to visit! There are a lot of shops in Kyoto that sell these swords that were being used by samurai. “Hashimoto” - a specific shop that sells Katana is the best place to buy one. You will find [...]

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The Rich Culture and History of Japan

Japan’s Rich Culture and HistoryJapan has a very rich culture and they value it a lot. One of Japan’s greatest Zen temple is known as Shokoku-ji Temple which is found in Tokyo. Founded during the time of Yoshimitsu Ashikaga in Muromachi who was a shogun by then, Shokoku-ji has been burnt down and was rebuilt many times. This zen [...]

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