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Welcome to Kyoto Collection’s Gallery and Calligraphy Shop!

This is a space for me to share Japanese calligraphy art that inspires me. I focus on calligraphy(shodo) by Hiro, a good friend of mine here in Kyoto who’s also an accomplished brush artist in the traditional style.

The kanji calligraphy Japanese wall art that you see here is available for purchase by clicking on the button under a given work. Please note that the original works are not for sale, but the quality of the reproductions is very good.

Clicking on a button will take you to the Kyoto Collection shop in the zazzle marketplace, where you can see that specific work and other art on various items such as posters, postcards and mugs.  Zazzle makes it easy to transfer a design to a variety of items, so it’s easy to choose the poster size that suits your space, etc.

Hiro and I hope that you’ll enjoy browsing, as you would at a gallery. Toward that end, I’ve done my best to convey the spirit as well as the meaning behind the kanji characters in a way that will foster a deeper connection to the kanji symbols.

A main theme in this gallery is bushido, the term in Japanese for the way of the warrior, the code of moral principles that samurai lived by.

The bushido code Is made up of seven or sometimes eight principles that are cited as part of this creed. Each principle is represented by one or two kanji characters. Hiro created an artwork featuring each principle in his Kyoto studio, and I’ve made a separate poster for each precept.

In addition to Japanese calligraphy art based on the honor code of the samurai, Hiro has also made various works inspired by Japanese proverbs, quotes and sayings. These include inspiring expressions of perseverance, gratitude, love and humility that hold universal truths and have transcended the culture as well as the era in which they were originally created.

You’ll also find Japanese tea ceremony calligraphy featuring the kanji for ichigo ichie, a simple expression of mindfulness and the recognition of the importance of each and every moment.

You can also find this calligraphy on other items such as postcards as well as other items in the zazzle shop.

This collection has grown slowly but steadily, and many of the calligraphy here was made in response to suggestions and requests that I’ve received from kind kindred spirits who have taken the time to get in touch.  So please feel free to leave a comment if the mood strikes you.

I join Hiro in hoping that this Japanese calligraphy art and the kanji characters and concepts they express will bring Kyoto and the spirit of Japan closer to you!

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