Inspirational Japanese Quote Results Rooted in Action Poster



The kanji and hiragana characters that comprise this inspirational Japanese quote are pronounced naseba naru and are written in the traditional way, vertically from right to left.

Quite simply, action leads to results.

This proverb is widely referenced in Japan as a simple, eloquent call to action, and it’s actually part of a short poem composed in the 19th century.

It’s a succinct reminder of how simple it is to get what you want. Of course there is never a guarantee that actions by themselves will produce the desired effect, but simply breaking free of inertia can have profound, positive consequences.

And as the author of these words Uesugi Youzan went on to write, 為さねば成らぬ何事も成らぬは人の為さぬなりけり. One thing that is certain is that lack of action leads to nothing. And that means opportunities to serve others are lost as well.

Brush artist Hiro created this work at his studio in Kyoto by hand. Then we scanned it to be reproduced here. Hiro’s red name stamp in the lower left corner.

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