Japanese Kanji for Heart Kokoro Calligraphy Poster



This single character 心 is pronounced ‘kokoro’ and is the Japanese kanji for heart. It refers to heart in the non-medical, non-literal sense(there’s another word for such situations). It refers to heart, mind and spirit as one, rather than as separate concepts.

This broad meaning can be related to anything that you put your heart into, that you give your all to, and to a commitment to live a life of truth and passion with inner strength.

Kokoro is the essence of something. As such, it was chosen by the author Natsume Soseki as the single word title of one of his most famous novels, a classic in Japan and around the world.

Brush artist Hiro created these works at his studio in Kyoto by hand. Then we scanned it for use here. The likeness of Hiro’s red name stamp in the lower left corner together with the dynamic style of the calligraphy gives this design a real verve that accentuates the philosophy behind this energizing and uplifting kanji character.

This inspiring calligraphy art featuring the Japanese kanji for heart is also available in our zazzle shop as a postcard and on other items, so please have a look!

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