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The kanji and hiragana characters that comprise the words of wisdom in this Japanese quote about life are written in the traditional way, vertically from right to left.

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It’s read as ‘Jinsei wa jikan to okane to kokoro no tsukai kata de kimaru.’ Life is made up of of time, money and heart. It’s how we use these three things that determines the quality of our lives.

Brush artist Hiro created this work at his studio in Kyoto by hand. Then we scanned it for use here. These words were a gift to Hiro over a decade ago from a special mentor. They strip life to its essence, which has come to include money, something that very few if any of us have the luxury of not concerning ourselves with, even when we have more than we could ever spend.

Money of course makes demands on our time, that precious, finite commodity that we all must learn to make better use of. At the core of it all is heart, or spirit. The essence of who we are and why we’re here.

It’s up to each of us to wisely use our resources. In very practical terms, money and time are paramount among these precious assets, and we can choose to harness them to manifest what’s in our heart. This sentiment makes this Japanese quote about life applicable to each of us, no matter where we live or what situation we find ourselves in.

Hiro’s red name stamp in the lower left corner adds a dash of vibrant color, and a simple white base adds emphasis to the calligraphy.  Its simple flair and the philosophy behind it make this work a distinctive piece of wall art that’s just right for spaces with a minimalist decor, be it modern or more folk inspired.

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