Kanji for Justice Gi Samurai Bushido Code Poster



This single kanji character is pronounced ‘gi’ and represents justice, in doing what’s right. Such righteousness necessarily means considering various aspects of something before taking action, so it involves consideration and a commitment to the truth. To commit to truth, it’s vital to accept it even when it doesn’t serve you personally.

In today’s world we think of such things as conscientiousness and of ethical behavior in a similar way.  When we witness corruption and vulgarity in the words and deeds of others, we see a lack of adherence to this principle.

It’s one of the eight virtues of Bushido, the way of the warrior, the code of moral principles that samurai lived by.

We offer this design as well as the other seven principles, each on its own, on postcards, keychains, magnets and mugs as well as posters in our zazzle shop. Are you looking for downloadable digital kanji art? In addition to the print option, this poster is now available as an instant download, too!

Brush artist Hiro created this work at his studio in Kyoto by hand. Then we scanned it for use here. It’s also featured on this short bushido code kanji quiz.

The black kanji character contrasts well with a white base, and the likeness of Hiro’s red name stamp in the lower left corner adds a dash of color that brings this design to life.  Its simple flair and the history behind it make this work a distinctive piece of wall art that’s just right for spaces with a minimalist decor, be it modern or more folk inspired.

This kanji for justice calligraphy is just one of a series of posters and other items that we’ve created based the bushido code of the samurai.

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