Love Kanji Japanese Calligraphy Art Poster



This single character 愛 is pronounced ‘ai’ and is the Japanese kanji symbol often used to covey love or affection. Brush artist Sanae created this work at her studio in Kyoto by hand. Then we scanned it for use here.

Are you looking for downloadable digital kanji art? In addition to the print option, this poster is now available as an instant download, too!

The likeness of Sanae’s red name stamp in the lower left corner together with the dynamic style of the calligraphy gives this design a real verve that accentuates the sentiment behind this energizing and uplifting kanji character.

If you’re a student of the Japanese language, you’ll notice that one of the elements that makes up this elegant character is kokoro, the kanji for heart, which also often appears in various contexts on its own simply as 心.

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